We have earned our reputation as being amongst the finest roasters of quality coffee in the whole country. Our discerning clients are testament to the fact that we are genuine artisan coffee roasters with decades of specialist knowledge and experience. Almost uniquely our coffee is hand roasted by eye and our skilled craftsmen take great pride in the special way that they create our delicious blends to offer consistency and excellence in our blends time after time.

Whisky Coffee (Ground)

This medium roast coffee has an underlying, delicate nutty flavour with the traditional Scottish Whisky flavour layered on top.Weight: 227g


Amaretto (Ground)

A smooth coffee with sweet overtones. The almond flavourings have all the richness of amaretto liqueur without any of the alcohol.Weight: 227g


Hazelnut (Ground)

Hazelnut flavoured coffee is a special blend of International coffee beans with a predominant Hazelnut flavour and subtle background notes of caramel.Weight: 227g


Swiss Chocolate (Ground)

The bitter sweet cocoa notes blend harmoniously with our perfectly roasted coffee beans delivering dark and nutty blend.Weight: 227g


Vanilla (Ground)

Floral vanilla notes are brought forward with our sweetly roasted blend.Weight: 227g

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