La Scala Butterfly

Butterfly is the espresso coffee machine created by la SCALA to satisfy a public that increasingly requires good-quality, full-flavour espresso coffee, even when there isn’t a good coffee bar nearby. The design criteria of this machine are, in fact, based on the growing demand from users who are looking for excellent taste and quality in an espresso coffee, that can normally only be found in the very best coffee-bars. This machine is ideal for all those situations – such as work or domestic environments, or in places of entertainment – where a traditional machine would be too bulky in size, too expensive or too large for the service required of it. The machine does not need to be connected to the water mains because it has a built-in water tank, in which the water level can be easily topped up and automatically monitored to prevent any problems arising from possible operator error. The professional components used, its clean lines and extreme operational simplicity and reliability, together with its relatively low cost, guarantee the high quality of this machine.

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