Passion for Quality

Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company's range of coffees are selected by the company's master roasters using only the finest coffee beans from around the world. Our coffees are roasted to order for the retail and food service sectors. Backed by the best in professional customer care and efficient delivery service Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company can guarantee the ultimate in freshness, taste, style and quality specified by your business.

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What makes our coffee the best?

In House

By carrying out each and every stage of production in house we can guarantee the freshness of all our coffees. 

This ensures you experience the subtle characteristics and delicate notes our master roasters draw out of the green, unroasted beans.

Traditionally Roasted

Our master roasters roast  each batch by hand, and by eye, most days in our 50 year old Probat roaster (favoured the world over by artisan coffee roasters.)

Our vintage roaster is located in our modern, purpose built premises, allowing us - almost uniquely - to blend and pack our our coffees within an hour of roasting them. 

Discerningly Sourced

Our dedicated team of buyers work year round to source the highest quality green coffee beans from plantations around the world. 

We transfer the full flavour of the best Arabica beans from around the world into the perfect cup of coffee. 

How we source our coffee

How we source our coffee

Edinburgh Tea and Coffee are fully certified by the Fairtrade Foundation and the Organic Food Federation to roast and pack coffee and blend tea. We provide a range of products perfect for both retail and food service. 

At Edinburgh Tea & Coffee we believe in sourcing only the best tasting, high grown, boldest AA beans